Saturday, November 20, 2010

How do I Feel about this?

A bit excited.  
Relieved that Jane is not being depicted by Angelina Jolie which is what Matt jokingly told me, which elicited some screams, yes, screams. Though in defense of myself I had had a couple of glasses of wine. 
I love the Brontes. And I will probably never fully get over the fact that I will never star in an adaptation of one of their novels. 
Mia Wasikowska was wonderful in In Treatment with Gabriel Byrne, sigh, and I heard that she was great in Alice in W. So perhaps she will do Jane justice. We shall see. 

My favorite is Masterpiece Theatre's 2006 adaptation directed by Susannah White and starring sultry Toby Stevens, again sigh, and Ruth Wilson,  closely followed by Franco Zefferelli's adaptation created 10 years earlier starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, who I have a fondness for. But who doesn't love Orson Welles and Joan Fontaine?
Comprehensive guide to Jane Eyre adaptations.

Counting the Days...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

snapping out of it

I feel a little dirty putting a video of Neil Young on my blog immediately after little old me tries to sing one of his songs with my newbie uke fingers, but I have a feeling he wouldn't give a S$%^t.

Matt is the reason I ever listened to Neil Young, thanks Matt. And this is one of my favorite songs. And it usually elicits moist eyes, if not a complete geyser. Just call me Old Faithful

It really stinks to have so much work to do and no time to wallow.

I found today that the song below, after letting me wallow for a time in my own quagmire of blech, also forced me to snap out of it and get stuff done. Something about hearing the word Helpless over and over again makes you feel like NOT being helpless.

And by the way does it get any COOLER than Neil and Bruce?

Monday, November 15, 2010

harvest moon- neil young, and other things...

Today, I picked Ez up from school, drove to the doctor, paid for parking (with his money I only had pennies in my wallet). All this only to find out that the appt. I made last week (which took a half hour with a brand new receptionist) is for next Monday. He can't go to school on Friday if I can't get him an appt. soon, because he needs an mmr. The last vaccine he got swelled his arm up to the size of a tree trunk. So this is not something I even want to do.  I have a ton of work to do, a four hour licensing exam on Saturday. I am always tired.

Sometimes I wonder why life can't be easier and then I remember that it is. My sister is here. If I was going through all this stuff right now without her, life would be harder.

So I take a deep breath. And play ukelele. And eat some chocolate. And scratch my chin. And write papers. And teach preschool. And go to therapy. And read research. And do assessments. And read really important books that most people should read but probably don't like All God's Children- The Boskett Family and the American Tradition of Violence by Fox Butterfield. And go to zumba. And do all the things that moms do, because I am a mom.

A little ditty, with a couple very important interruptions but no cursing.

My next step is to learn how to add harmonies to my little videos. 


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