Tuesday, March 24, 2009

bread and frozen laundry

oatmeal bread

Today I stayed home from work again. I probably could have gone, okay definitely. But my boss basically told me to stay home and my nose is still very stuffy. I know I benefited from the extra hours at home. Here is what I did: 3 loads of laundry, washed and hung up (one of which did not finish the spin cycle which meant carrying it to the line quite wet and labor intensive). Then, with a wet head (from shower) and wet jeans (from un-spun clothes leaking through basket onto self) I wrestled with an enormous duvet cover in an icy wind and laughed at myself as I tried to get the dripping brown monster onto our pathetic line without dragging it over much on the muddy ground. My hands were red, my head was wet. My jeans were wet and all I could think of was poor Claire Fraser from the Outlander time travel series and how hard she (yes, the fictional character) must have had it. I mean, going from being a doctor in the 1960s to living in the Highlands of Scotland and then the wilds of the Carolinas in the late 1700s must have been rough. And then I had even more reason to laugh at myself. This year I have indulged in more engrossing (and yes, slightly trashy if we are going to be snobbish here)... ahem, literature then I have in years. Between the Twilight and the Outlander series', I have spent countless hours completely escaping. I think it has a lot to do with how long and difficult the winter was. But now, I am going to try to turn my attentions elsewhere. Live in The Now, Kelly! Which is why I am baking bread and walking and um... blogging about what I did earlier...

Here is how I make bread Unless it is NYTimes or challah or something else special. I do it the same way I make pizza dough. 2 cups luke water, roughly a tsp. of yeast per cup, a bit of something sweet, a bit of some salt and enough flour (wheat germ, oats etc.) to make a sponge... that I let rise for an hour or more, then I mix in more flour etc...a bit at a time, until my finger goes in and out pretty clean, at which time you will be kneading and not using a spoon. Then I let that rise until it doubles and then punch it down, shape, let rise 20 minutes or so and bake it. A second long rise (to let double would also be good).

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This is Ezzie's pet Worm

Henry: "Mom, if a bunch of bad guys came and kidnapped you I would do anything to get you back. Well, almost anything." 

Ezra: "Mom, if a bunch of bad guys came and killed you. I would kiss you to wake you up."

and after serving them an extra yummy smoothie...

Henry: "Mom, I don't know how you take care of us so well. You are a really good mom."

It is really telling when I can't come up with anything to blog about other than what my kids are saying. But, it is Spring, and sitting in front of my computer is not at the top of my lists. Plus, I have not gotten anything done to write about. My sewing machine is still bust. Dinners around here are no fancier than rice and beans and veg. or rice and fish and veg. AND any extra time I have is spent WALKING. And, yet, I want to keep up the blog. So, don't give up hope. As soon as preschool is over for me I will have more time to devote to beautious domestic undertakings and the documentation of such things...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

rambly hedge

Matty's new bike, a Jamis Aurora. Note the root beer color. My favorite.
The very first two-wheeler bike ride for all three boys.
This is how confused I am right now: I just put a pillow or of aromatherapeutic/relaxing, organic chamomile tea in my mug and after adding the water, threw in some black tea too. I need both. I have been wanting to blog desperately but have not felt like I could organize enough thoughts in my head to come up with anything. I still can't, but hopefully this rambling will end up condensing into something remotely meaningful.
Lately I have been concentrating on fundraising for my upcoming walk. I have raised over $1200.00 and need 600 more. I think after this last mailing, I might get it done. Asking people for anything has never been my strong suit. But, I have learned that people are more generous than I give them credit for. One of my favorite parts of this experience has been writing names of loved ones on my t-shirt. The other thing demanding my attention is school. I got in. Now I have lot's of time to worry about it. I am not super worried about whether I can deal with school mentally. I worry more about letting go of domestic stuff. I can be so neurotic. I also like to be in pajamas at 8 pm. And I don't like dirty dishes in the sink. And I like to be early for class. And I have never asked for extra time for an assignment. Soon I will be having those, "naked in class" dreams. See what I mean? I am trying to read a lot right now 'cause I may not read a novel for a year or so, that's depressing. But I am so excited about the classes I am taking. Every one of them is interesting to me and that is a first, though I love my liberal arts degree.
Spring is coming. There are shoots popping up here and there. Even some of my lavender is looking green, having been buried under a foot of leaves. The kids are outside constantly, getting muddy and scraping their hands and knees. Spring means that crackers are in short supply as there are lots of grubby kids outside who want to share a snack. It means that my boys are fighting less with each other. Yeehaw. Warmer days mean our Wednesday play date with the girls is mostly outside. It means our sidewalk outside is like a kiddie version of the Tour De France, Tour De Village Nord (is that North in French?).


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