Sunday, September 16, 2012

Art on the Walls...

Needs more in the way of coziness...suggestions please. 

A week ago, I was staring at my new blank walls and wanting something fresh to hang up. Not having much in the way of funds, I thought I might make something. Not having much in the way of creative energy, I thought I might copy something. Googling, "line drawings Picasso", led me to this East  Asian design . I did not project it but looked at it a bit as I drew with pencil on heavy watercolor paper. It's  a circular design of flowers, leaves and buds. The great thing about it is that it can be colored if I get tired of the black and white. It could be a bit of a hanging work-in-progress. I like the idea of art hanging on the walls and changing/evolving. I like the idea that it is something to look at and something to do.

In other news, the boys have made two new friends in our little neighborhood. The boys seem to be coping well with the new schedule and other changes in their lives.

And back to the subject of art, I bought a beautiful original framed work from my friend, the artist- Kim Carlino , while at her art opening. It is a small watercolor from her Cosmos series. And I went to my other friend, Emily Neuberger's book signing and scored a signed copy of her new book, "Show Me a Story", which, incidentally just won the Dr. Toy Best of 2012 award.

I feel blessed. In friends. In family. In work. Thanks.


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