Friday, February 27, 2009


Recently, I had a very depressing convo. with the director of my preschool. I greatly respect the woman who runs the preschool where I teach. She has decades of experience in the field. She has experience teaching in Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio, Public schools and more. For many years, she taught education classes at the undergraduate level. She knows education. I love her approach to working with young children. She is an amazing woman and I feel lucky to teach with her. The other day we were discussing our sons and their experiences having IEPs. Her son is about to graduate and she feels that the system really failed him. How could this happen to the son of an education expert? How can I prevent this from happening to my son?

Henry's problems are not astronomical, but I do worry about him getting lost and slipping through the cracks especially in middle school. And, while his problems seem on the small side now, as he is challenged more and more, his struggles might grow. I found a book today which will hopefully help me understand the system a bit more (until I get that degree in Special Ed.).
I have already learned a few things, for instance, "placement" on the IEP form, refers to the various classrooms or schools that your child is placed in. "Program", refers to the placement and the types of services, curricula, teaching methods, class makeup etc. For so long now, I feel like I have been treading water with Henry and his schooling. He is doing well? His reading is coming along. Vision therapy has helped him a lot, both in ways that are obvious to Matt and I, and as evidenced by the tests that have been administered. His anxiety has been less of a problem this year. I still worry about his ability to focus, his writing, his confidence. I worry that with the budget cuts our district is undergoing, classes will get bigger and thus more distracting for Henry.
I want him to continue to love school. And I know I need to stay on top of this whole I.E.P thing which seems difficult, because I don't understand it all and I have a zillion other things to do, hello: job, 3 yr. old son, husband working on doctorate...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kids ATC Swap

The tools of the trade...
Henry shares my love for good markers...
We even made little envelopes...

I signed Henry up for an (ATC)  Artist Trading Card swap. He is so excited. ATCs are small cards (3.5in.x2.5in.) that artists create for trading/collecting purposes. Henry will be mailing his cards to 5 other kids who live as far away as New Caledonia and as close as PA. He has been making one a day for a few days now. 

In other news...

Ezra is riding a two wheeler without training wheels. Yes, he is three. In fact he never used training wheels and it took him a very short while (a couple hours maybe ) to get the hang of it.  Henry did the same thing but it still amazes me. Yes, I am proud and a braggert (sp.) 

Henry turned 7 and had a party with 3 of his buddies (half of his party did not make it, mixed blessing), involving capes for every kids (thanks mom), a rainbow of balloons, popcorn, pizza and cake.  Auntie Molly and her beau Noah and Auntie Mamy came for the day.
Between work, birthday prep and sickness our house has been busy...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back soon, really

By Friday, I am sure.

Friday, February 6, 2009

still life with hula hoop

I have a dorky little secret. Today, instead of putting away the puffins, steel cut oats and sweet potatoes above, I hula hooped. 

Every day (for a week now) when I let Ez watch a half hour of PBS kids, I crank up the hip hop station I am carefully designing on Pandora and I hula.  There is only one spot in our house that accommodates my large hoop. And I mean "spot".  If I very carefully hula between the desk and the couch I won't hit anything or anybody (mostly). I have to do it while Ez. is watching PBS  or he won't be able to play in the living room. That means I have to use headphones. So I am technically tethered to the computer while I hula. So... I hold the wire of the headphones up above my head and and very carefully get it spinning.  Then I continue to hold it so it won't get tangled. If it were possible for me to have any less pride I would show a photo of me in the act.
It makes me happy and it is helping me get in shape, I hope.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Messy Life

Things that have spilled in house today...
2 cup mason jar of blueberry smoothie- Henry, am 
coffee-Matty, am (did not witness this but it happens every morning)
1 cup of, pm
snow...all of us all day (tracking into house counts as a spill)

Things that have caused me to feel overwhelmed today...
my two new ESL students, whom I already adore, both crying on a day when a family is visiting preschool
Julia covering bathroom sink in brown paint, while two new ESL students are crying, during family visit time. 
trying to secretly work on Henry's quilt 
deciding what to make for dinner, oatmeal anyone?
trying to figure out how to get Henry to stop playing so he can do his eye exercises.

Conclusion: How do those parents who work full time outside the home and schedule extracurriculars for their kids, keep their heads from spinning? 

Monday, February 2, 2009


I am participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer this year. My very close friend Rose had cancer for 10 years before she passed last year.My cousin Lindsay is a cancer survivor. I know I probably have other, more distant relatives who have dealt with this dreadful disease. Almost all of us have lost someone or known someone who has been touched by this disease. This is my chance! I have wanted to honor Rose in this way for a long time.  I have a site you can visit to help me reach my goal of 3,000 bucks. I only need to raise 1,800 to participate. 

Check it out.

And here are Henry's invites... Cute eh? I think I spent more time choosing the font (Eurostyle) than on anything else...


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