Friday, May 30, 2008

north village love

I am having one of my loving the village days. I did my three mile morning walk with Ezra. He was totally fine in the stroller and mostly sang his silly made up songs (some of them involving poop), really loudly. We came home to find Henry on his bike and  Matty on the front porch. Ashley was in the clothing closet (place where we villagers exchange clothes) and I dropped off some stuff and came home with more stuff than I dropped off. Most of it was for the boys, fall duds for next year. Matty washed three loads of laundry and I hung it all up in our backyard line which we share with all the other families. I love hanging up the laundry, and I love that while I hang it up I smell the Moon family's yummy lunch being made and I hear Little Jonathon Avishay whining  in Hebrew and Anna (Peter's lovely mommy) comes out and tells me that she is going to feed Peter and take her stuff off the line so I will have more room. And Nigel pops his head outof E-16 and tells me thanks for watching Keel yesterday morning. This is community. Later, Talaya and Dawn and I are having our ladies night. Woohoo!

P.S The Business of Being Born is on DVD. We just rented it. Sara and I watched it together and she was even mesmerized. I know I am preaching to the choir here, but everyone should watch this movie. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a henry update

Just a quick update for al concerned parties, and thank you for your concern! After much communication (phone calls and emails) , we have found out that Henry had only missed two sessions and those two were promptly made up after my inquiries. I also found out that the speech therapist has gone beyond her IEP requirements and checked in on Henry several times. The notebook has begun to be utilized and I have had several email conversations with his pt that make me feel much more comfortable about everything. I know now that  I still can't "trust" the system to work smoothly on it's own but I feel a ton better.  

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

my favorite pasta dish

This is a great one to bring to those summer potlucks, especially when the fennel is abundant in your garden or your farmers market. It is adapted from Once Upon a Tart- Frank Mentesana and Jerome Audereau, a favorite cookbook of mine. There is not a recipe in there that has not been yummy.
Roast three heads of fennel  (salted peppered and olive oiled), core removed and sliced thin ( 1/4 inch), greased pan, 375 degrees, 20-25 min. until sides are browned. Roast one cubed eggplant ( salted, drained, oiled) , 10-15 minutes until soft. Scrape into bowl with one lb. of cooked penne, 1/2 c. chopped oil cured black olives,  2 cups chopped dill, 1 c. of coarsely chopped Pecorino cheese. This is great served warm or chilled. It is a favorite in our family.

The North Village Mini- Garden

Monday, May 26, 2008

mia sorellas

Three Prosecco spritzers for three sisters

Sorry about the missed posts. I achieved all my goals ( no yelling no stitches, have fun). ANd my sister came to visit.We took the boys to feed the ducks. Its a good thng we are leaving for the summer because we might have been the cause of the first case of avian obesity with all the bread these boys feed these ducks!

No, we did not swallow the whipped cream. Our lips were chapped and this is the best remedy. The cream is so rich. Really.

That is a strawberry. What is a warm late spring weekend without strawberry shortcake with organic strawberries from California. We couldn't wait. Okay? 

Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 2

Ezra loves his cornstarch goop.

The Status: The kids are happy. I think I am getting a cold. Boys are watching "A Bug's Life", their Friday night movie and munching on pizza. I am planning on going to bed very early tonight and picking my big sister up in the morning!!!!Yeehaw! Dishes are done and house is a bit messier, laundry is gathering dust. I am too tired and don't care about cleaning. This may be the most boring bog post in the history of the internet. 

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Matty's in Montreal, Day one

I am going to keep a brief online journal of the few days (4 days, 3 nights) that Matty is in Montreal presenting at a conference ( go matty!). 

Goals: no yelling, no stitches, have fun

The Status: Today was pretty good and normal so far since we saw him  this morn. I did not yell at the children and only once did I want to. We had cowboy eggs for dinner and yogurt with strawberries. All three of us trekked out ( post dinner) to dispose of the rubbish and recycling. Both boys were in bed and asleep at 7. The dishes are washed, floor is swept, laundry is clean ( and unfolded, some still on drying rack) and mostly in a basket. Henry's room is neat and organized and lovely, as is the kitchen.  The living room is mediocre and needs a vacuuming. The front flower beds have been planted and are thriving. We have plenty of toilet paper and other supplies. Neither of the children are bleeding and both had their baths. I am not drinking right now although I may soon develop diabetic shock due to the amt. of chocolate I have consumed today (all of my preschoolers gave me flowers and chocolates on our last day). 


Saturday, May 17, 2008

mother's day potato necklace (for michaela)

Michaela wanted to see the potato necklace Henry made me, here it is!

new bike new books

Henry rides his bike all day. All day. Occasionally he gets off for a snack, a bath, bed or a ride on his scooter. He is allowed to go on quick rides by himself. On very specific routes that don't involve crossing the street. The other day, our neighbor and Henry's constant partner in crime, Keel got a new shiny bike. Henry's devastation was surprising to me. And sort of annying. We thought we had raised him to be a bit less concerned with such things.... but he is only 6. We consoled him by discussing the possibility of a new bike at some point after he kept up certain chores without whining. Matty assured him that he would get a new back wheel (current one was bald from skidding), and perhaps some hand breaks. That calmed him down a bit. The next morning while H. was in school M and E went to used bike shop and found this gorgeous Trek. It cost about twice as much as getting new parts for his old bike. A sweet deal. Needless to say Henry is ecstatic. Getting up early just to ride. He got ready for school in 15 minutes just so he could spend a half hour riding. Our house has been very happy! 

The above photo shouldn't be sideways, sorry....I got these books for my birthday. I am psyched about the fermentation book. Here are some things I plan to make this summer...vinagre de pina (mexican pineapple vinegar), ginger beer, kefir, kishk (a lebanese mixture of yogurt and bulgur), farmer cheese ( the easiest cheese to make at home, I think), miso, kimchi (of course), miso, tempeh, kombucha, sour (brined) pickles  ....I will let you know how all these go... The book has been a lot of fun just to read. I wanted this book after the last fake kimchi recipe ( very yummy after just a couple days soak), and I asked my lovely neighbors but they have packed all recipe books as they are moving. She did tell me she would jot her basic recipe down sometime, but I know she is busy.
I am madly in love with this sewing book. All of the patterns are for sewing and embellishing jersey fabric by hand. I already have a skirt pattern cut out. Let you know how it goes...

Now I have to get ready for a picnic with some friends. Grilled chicken, iced black and zinger teas, fruit salad, tabouleh, chick pea salad, cold vino blanco and pie...good times.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008



Cian Justin Chilton Ferrari

May 14 2008 around 6pm..

happy, healthy and loved....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

slow down and eat some yogurt...

Molly drew this for me for my birthday...isn't it lovely?
For dessert lately we have been eating a lot of fruit and yogurt. I cooked some rhubarb the other day ( with a bit of sugar) and served it over plain yogurt. The kids went wild. I still remember eating stalks of it right out of the ground as a child. 
A yummy " parfait" of thinly sliced bananas, greek yogurt and honey. I use the term "parfait" very loosely! 
I am nearly done with this project. Is baby boy Ferrari being born right this minute? Perhaps...
I may have to resew mister snail's body but I have time, it is a big shirt.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Today we went for a walk. This is what we saw. Unfortunately, something went amiss and my photos didn't get published in order. But I am choosing to relax  and not get annoyed. Just like I am not annoyed that Matt has had to work all weekend and he brought me a box of doughnuts instead of a birthday cake. I love the guy but that faux pas is up there with the time he called me "big boned".  

The boys fed the ducks.

Henry helped me make minty pink lemonade, pink is from a touch of red zinger tea.

The Communist Cafe.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I am 31

Today I am 31. I slept in. I bought myself a coffee. I took the boys to the fair. I am taking them to a marching band/ colorguard drum corps. extravaganza later. I know it sounds crazy but I really dig marching band music. 

Henry took this photo of me. 
Henry was munching mint from the garden. I think that is dirt on his mouth!

p.s later I hope to finish sewing the curtains I started months ago, start sewing a skirt I cut the pattern for and finish a painting.... Is that too much to ask for on my birthday? answer...yes!

Friday, May 9, 2008

A Lesson

Sometimes I feel that life is a series of lessons. Chapter 1. Learn to breastfeed. Learn your parent's smell. Many Chapters later I am still learning, only the lessons are more complicated and sometimes less beautiful. My latest big lesson involves Henry and The System. In September we began the lengthy I.E.P process. First lesson in this chapter, it should not be lengthy. But it was. When the request from his teacher (for an I.E.P) did not work, I requested one myself. Skip ahead, many months later and I find out today why, after personally dropping off his physical therapy feedback notebook at school and sending note to school requesting feedback, I have not gotten any feedback. Henry has not been having P.T every week. The reason, when I called  the school? "I am sorry, this is not okay. We are understaffed. "

Rage? Deep sadness? Guilt?

I have all of those feelings and more. I am angry at myself for putting up with this lax system for so long.  I feel so naive. I just assumed people would do their jobs, or at least tell me when they couldn't. Nearly a whole school year has passed and very little has happened to help Henry in school. 

So that is why I am going to sit down  drink a beer and wait for the pizza to be delivered this Friday. Have a great weekend. Hopefully Sunday will bring a happy post.

Friday, May 2, 2008


Some movies with a bit of blue...

A beloved blue tin...

Just finished the new baby's quilt...come soon new nephew...we are waiting...

There is a bit of blue in the quilt too...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

orange, red and pink

Yesterday I was unable to get online and participate in color week so I am making up for it now. Here is Wednesdays' orange...sorry it is out of focus. Haven't had my coffee yet...

Red and Pink for Thursday.

I love all of these colors...


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