Thursday, November 15, 2007

henry's interpretation

This morning it is rainy. Henry did not want to go to kindergarten, he and Ezzie were playing together so well. He went anyway and Ezra got a lunch pail and pretended he was going too. I was able to distract him with something else and go through a box of drawings of Henry's. Some were a couple years old, like the flowers he copied from the batik I made in college. Others were from last year. I keep most of his drawings in folders with the rest of our files/bills etc. Other drawings are kept in binders and sit with his books. I love taking them out and looking at them. Henry has always been so intense and busy, but he has always been able to sit down for a long time and draw. He does it well. His people/creatures are really engaging. I am so glad that Matty and I have been able to draw with him. It is a gift really, in so many ways. he will always have it. Can you guess which drawing is my little sis Molly's??? She is so amazing, she will sit down with the boys and draw anything they want her to. "Make me a knight Auntie Molly, Make me a cowboy riding a horse, draw a beautiful princess!"

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