Thursday, March 12, 2009

rambly hedge

Matty's new bike, a Jamis Aurora. Note the root beer color. My favorite.
The very first two-wheeler bike ride for all three boys.
This is how confused I am right now: I just put a pillow or of aromatherapeutic/relaxing, organic chamomile tea in my mug and after adding the water, threw in some black tea too. I need both. I have been wanting to blog desperately but have not felt like I could organize enough thoughts in my head to come up with anything. I still can't, but hopefully this rambling will end up condensing into something remotely meaningful.
Lately I have been concentrating on fundraising for my upcoming walk. I have raised over $1200.00 and need 600 more. I think after this last mailing, I might get it done. Asking people for anything has never been my strong suit. But, I have learned that people are more generous than I give them credit for. One of my favorite parts of this experience has been writing names of loved ones on my t-shirt. The other thing demanding my attention is school. I got in. Now I have lot's of time to worry about it. I am not super worried about whether I can deal with school mentally. I worry more about letting go of domestic stuff. I can be so neurotic. I also like to be in pajamas at 8 pm. And I don't like dirty dishes in the sink. And I like to be early for class. And I have never asked for extra time for an assignment. Soon I will be having those, "naked in class" dreams. See what I mean? I am trying to read a lot right now 'cause I may not read a novel for a year or so, that's depressing. But I am so excited about the classes I am taking. Every one of them is interesting to me and that is a first, though I love my liberal arts degree.
Spring is coming. There are shoots popping up here and there. Even some of my lavender is looking green, having been buried under a foot of leaves. The kids are outside constantly, getting muddy and scraping their hands and knees. Spring means that crackers are in short supply as there are lots of grubby kids outside who want to share a snack. It means that my boys are fighting less with each other. Yeehaw. Warmer days mean our Wednesday play date with the girls is mostly outside. It means our sidewalk outside is like a kiddie version of the Tour De France, Tour De Village Nord (is that North in French?).


emily said...

What program are you starting? Very exciting!

Constance said...

Yay spring!

Michaela said...

Congratulations, Kelly! Why didn't I even know that you were applying to schools? What kind of program? Where? That's so exciting!

Kelly said...

Emily- I was sure I had told you that I applied. I got into Umass M.Ed in SPecial Ed. program. 2 years maybe 2.5

Michaela- I guess I overestimated the Ferrari word of mouth. Us Carlisles spread news faster than well, I haven't had my coffee yet, but I 'll just say fast.

When I applied I was trying not to jinx things by talking too much....but I did tell a bunch of people despite myself. It was a sort of last minute thing. I had been thinking about it for awhile but two weeks before the app. was due, I just did it. And then I had a couple months to think about it and I just got more and more excited. So here I am. I told mom-in-law that my Masters will be like my third child. Only so much easier!


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