Tuesday, October 19, 2010

she ain't no rockstar

I am having a lot of fun with my ukulele. And I decided that if I waited until I was any good I might not get to share for a really long time. My uke and I have a lot of fun together. It has inspired me to listen to more Neil Young and Bob Dylan.  So here I am in all of my imperfectness. This is what I am doing when my papers are written, instead of the dishes and instead of wallowing/or pulling my hair out.


Emily said...

like like like like like like like

Michaela said...

Awesome Kelly. I'm so impressed. Go you!

Jen said...

Kelly! You are amazing!!!!!

I've always wanted to play "something"... I tried acoustic guitar for a year or so but it was SO hard (the fret bars were so far apart, my fingers couldn't reach). What do you think of the uke? Is it easy to learn?

You are so talented, lady!


Kelita said...

Aw shucks, guys. Thanks. Jen- Yes the uke is pretty darn easy to learn. You should totally go for it. Ukes only have 4 strings, so much easier than guitars.Now that I have been learning teh ukeulele I am dreaming of learning guitar, banjo etc..There is a lot of music online that you can print for free. Go for it!!!


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