Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Destitution and Broken Bowls

This week's CSA strawberries.
Bachelor buttons in the backyard.
Heirloom Whirly Bird Cherry Rose nasturtiums.

Just when we were starting to count our chickens, we found out Matty did not get that job. He placed 2nd, out of 74 people. So, we can still be proud of that. And the whole experience was good practice for him. We were just getting so excited about being middle class. Funny huh?

The silver lining is that he will not lose his academic momentum, hopefully he will start writing the big D. And he will be home to help with domestic stuff while I go to school.

But boy. We were starting to get used to the idea of losing our Food Stamp status. And it felt kinda nice.

And then Henry, with his literally, buttery fingers, broke my second favorite bowl. Tears.

But my garden is blooming.
Just in time to be trampled by a bunch of middle aged men wielding power washing hoses and paint brushes.

Okay, Kelly. Enough already. Buck up.

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Constantina said...

Darn. But good for Matt--that was good practice, and good precedent. Go Big D! (And maybe you'll find something closer to home next time Matty's a semi-finalist?!) XOXO. Late July! Woot!


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