Tuesday, June 9, 2009

pasta per un giorno piovoso

The step you don't see here is the cutting of the noodles,  by then my tiny kitchen had 3 boys in it and there was no room for a camera...
The finished product, a bit stuck together, but yummy with butter, parmesan and garlic scapes. 

Today is a rainy, wet day. The gardens need the rain so I hardly mind the damp. And yet, Ezra being confined to our tiny dwelling is less than peaceful. So, I decided to take my Atlas pasta maker* for a spin and have Ezzie do the cranking. I have fresh local, asparagus and we are due to pick up our second Simple Gifts Farm CSA bounty, so I am anticipating a simple supper of salad greens with fresh radishes and egg pasta with butter, parmesan and local asparagus. I know, how very 'Alice Waters' of me.  This is my favorite kind of meal; cheap, easy, simple, healthy, local and seasonal.

Mark Bittman's Egg Pasta (from How to Cook Everything, Vegetarian)

2+ cups of all purp. flour
1 tsp. salt
2 eggs
3 egg yolks

mix flour and salt
make well in dry mixture and use fork to mix eggs
slowly add flour to eggs
use hands when dough becomes too tough to use fork
knead until flour is incorporated
dust with flour, cover with plastic and let sit for 30 min.

The pasta took less than a minute to cook, so be careful with timing. Our scapes were not quite ready to eat when our pasta was done. Which meant the noodles were starting to stick together. But, they were still delicious.

Ravioli, here we come...

*Thanks mom, for the pasta maker you undoubtedly found in Salvation Army in a wet cardboard box full of mismatched shoes, mildewed vintage Goldenbooks, Gordon Lightfoot records and torn hosiery.


Sarah said...

so cool!! it looks delicious! What an awesome project for the boys, you are such a great mommy!

Kelly said...

Grazie mille! It was actually quite simple, and fun.

Constantina said...

We recently broke in our pasta maker too--finally! So fun and yummy. The recipe we used was (duh) pretty much the same, although we deferred to Marcella Hazan.


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