Monday, November 2, 2009

just imagine

So, just imagine a gal who likes to cook, and sew and knit (rather poorly), read novel after novel, grow vegetables and flowers, teach young kids, sing, play with her kids, hang out the laundry, paint, draw, sing some more. Just imagine that this same girl (seriously) can't tell her left from her right, can't ever remember a single number if it is more than 3 digits long, gets lost in any building with more than two corridors (especially if the color theme is beige), and had panic attacks in Math class since 10th grade. Imagine that this girl has to write a paper comparing legislation and regulation for her policy class. Imagine her blowing her nose on a hanky, drinking her throat coat tea and wrinkling up her face because she suddenly is convinced she has been writing her paper in a circle. Is it possible? She doesn't even know. She has never been very good with directions. But if you have ever taken a peek at regulations and statutes there are lots of numbers and letters and when they run out of those they start doubling and tripling them and using lower case and Roman numerals. And there are subsections that refer to even more subsections. It is absolutely brilliant.

I feel like Alice. In Wonderland or maybe even from Gertrude Stein's novel. Either would do.

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