Monday, November 23, 2009

It's I mean, I'M ALIVE

Yes, I am. I finished the most dreaded paper yesterday and now have a bit smaller, much less worrisome list of things to do. Oh, and my kids have been swept up by their nana and brought to NY where they can bathe in the warmth of familial love from both sides of the family and remember that not all adults have laptops, books and rollerball pens as appendages. I miss them so much. I have never gone so long without kissing Ezzies plump cheeks and being squeezed by Henry's stronger and stronger hugs.

But, if they were here, I would be doing my best to ignore them and I wouldn't have had the time to go to Pintus with Curt and Maggie, to eat some yummy Indian food and be serenaded by a hot chick doing "the snake" and "shut the door", sheesh.

And when my eyes are burning from the glow of the screen and my brain feels a tad mushy, I need some down time. I make yo yos.

I have neglected posting for a while and so I did not post about the wonderful craft night at my friend Kim's the other week. Helen was there, knitting. And some unfamiliar faces showed up too. We got to watch a new friend spin dog hair into yarn. NO kidding. We drank vino, ate cookies, listened to soothing stories and swapped crafting, momming, parenting stories for a few hours. Great fun. That was when I started making the yo-yos. I hadn't been doing any crafting at all and yo-yo making requires very little: a needle, thread, small scraps of fabric, scissors and a circle template. It's sort of fun. They are so cute.


Susan said...

Are you going to sew your yo yo's into a quilt? I sure hope so for they are such pretty quilts.

Will be home for Christmas - yay!

Mary Effing-Poppins said...

They look great! Can't wait till you have time to teach me how to make those! Oh, and spend more time mushing your babies in your arms. ;)

Kelita said...

I think I will applique them onto a pillow cover but if I procrastinate maybe a a quilt will happen in ten years.

Saw your boy at Turkey night at Ferrari's. He an Jona were riling up the youngins. They try real hard to keep it at "level 1" but they can't seem to. Can't wait to see you.


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