Monday, March 1, 2010


At preschool we are talking about Cozy. What it means, what it feels like. We are reading cozy books doing cozy projects eating cozy snacks etc. And today I saw the photo below, here.

For crying out loud! I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER BABY. I know I couldn't handle it. I promise you, but sometimes I feel like I am one stupid Ann Geddes calendar away from wanting one. My only hope is to move back to the finger lakes and be near Rana and Jona and their new babe (still in utero) and Tina and Mark and and their little brood ( again, half of which is in utero).

Yes, the craziness is such that I have decided that if someone came to my door right now and handed me this baby or any other baby and ran off, I would ask no questions and lock the door in case they changed their minds.

Welcome March! So glad you are here.

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Mary Effing-Poppins said...

I know what you mean. If it weren't for all the discomfort of pregnancy (though I rarely remember that part), the labor & delivery, the months of sleepless nights and worries and postpartum roller-coaster rides, not being able to have a life of my own or even complete thoughts, and diapers- I would have ten babies. At least. But I like to pay attention to the ones I have and get on with my own life. I just need a baby fix every now and then. *Babies!!!* :)


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