Sunday, May 16, 2010

sushi-lo fi

vegetables and egg

sweet potato and scallion

roll it
I don't know what this thing is called but you roll it with this
sorta cute

Youtube has gobs of videos if you want explicit instructions...

I recently realized I hadn't made sushi in awhile and wondered why the heck not, other than the fact that Ezra limits his intake to one or 2 rolls, and then wants something else. The rest of us will gladly eat it until our bellies are full. One of my favorite rolls to make was the "Buddha" roll, inspired by Noho's Osaka, which has a filling of cuke, sweet potato and honey roasted peanuts. TO DIE FOR. Yesterday I made some simple rolls, avocado, cuke, carrot and scallion. They were so much fun to put together and Henry loved eating them. I also added a little bit of Kimchi-Furekake rice seasoning (a shaker of dried veggies, salmon and sea salt), which Henry loved.

Today I thought I would document my sushi-making. The three boys are on a bike ride adventure so the kitchen is all mine.

The fillings- carrots, cucumber, avocado, thin egg "pancake", roasted sweet potato, red bell pepper, scallions, all sliced very thin and kept as long as possible.
I used two and a half cups of sushi rice and made 7-8 "logs" of sushi...
Of course you need the toasted nori sheets that you can find at your local Asian spmkt (ours is called "Mom's" isn't that sweet?)
We like to dip ours in so sauce, with a bit of wasabi and pickled ginger on top.
I basically mixed and matched the fillings...

Henry later told me that he likes restaurant sushi better. Big surprise there. I do too, partly because I love spicy tuna and crispy scallop and prefer to do vegetarian sushi at home. But this is cheaper and still yummy,

In case you were wondering, I was listening to Rihanna's "Photographs" feat. Will. i. am during the sushi-making. After a long break from that album, I revisited it and am a bit addicted to that song. So I was sort of dancing around while I was rolling the sushi, which I am sure makes it taste better, and makes my neighbors giggle and/or wonder about my sanity.

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