Wednesday, September 22, 2010

life long learner

At 33, I am learning salsa, merengue and Bachata (in my zumba class),weight training, finally. And, I am teaching myself to play the ukelele. I love it. I am practicing a bunch of songs now. Songs by Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Leslie Gore, The mamas and the papas, Dusty Springfield and Lefty Frizzel, Dolly Parton, the bangles ( I am a jill of all trades here) and more. I can barely feel the tips of three fingers on my left hand. I can't play that well yet but when I can , in a year or so. I will post a song here.
I like playing the uke for many reasons but most of all I like playing it because it means I get to sing, to music. ANd I have a good friend and neighbor who plays and sings with me.

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Redbabe said...

wow... hope u enjoy your salsa, merengue & bachata...! I am a salsaholic too... hehehe


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