Thursday, September 2, 2010


Keewaydin Summer Cottage, Brooklin, Acadia, Maine

I am living in the now, really. I promise. But I have what I think is poison ivy again and I am starting to think that grad. school+ work+2 kids+life is a lot right now. Yikes. I know in a few weeks I will calm down and feel like I am handling it but why can't I have two more weeks of cocktails and fiction reading?

My mom sent this to me today. Which made me...
1. Excited for next summer family time and
2. realize that I need to chill out and enjoy right now. I can't spend all year waiting to lounge in a beautiful cottage in Acadia with my family next summer. Yes, life can be stressful but I have already proven to myself that I can do it. It' s just extra hard when your soon to be kindergartner is acting crazy and worried about school and yoru new third grader comes home the first day crying that he likes his old school better and all of his Best friends are in another class.
And I already have school work to do.

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Lauroral said...

I was just thinking the same thing (about life+grad school + kid + etc = scary).


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