Friday, February 18, 2011

My humble Doris tribute aka "Lookie here it's a different strumming method"...

Happy Late Valentines Day!!

So I have been practicing a number of Doris Day songs including "Black Hills of Dakota", apropos because I have been watching the hbo series (from a few years back) Deadwood, a gritty Western taking place in the Black Hills.

Nothing can ever be perfect, you'll have to excuse the noise. And also I have a rocking tic when I play.  I don't know how to get rid of either of those things...But  I wanted to share my progress. I still want to look at the notes constantly. But that's ok since my usual audience is two boys who are sword fighting during my concerts (except for when Ezra makes requests (Rufus Wainright's version of Halleluja and Long Black Veil)

Sinead sings an amazing cover of this but I can't find it on youtube with just her singing...


Denise said...

You are sooo cute! I could just squeeze you!! loved it - thanks dear Kelly!

Kelita said...

Thanks! Squeezing you right back!



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