Friday, March 25, 2011

A list of some things to do when you are trying not to be depressed.

1. Get a physical. For real. Having a doctor tell you that you do not have cancer and in fact you are perfectly healthy can bring your mood up for awhile. That is unless you find out you are sick. But then at least you figured that out and can get proactive.

2. Learn something new. I bought a ukelele and in a few weeks am going to be playing and singing with my friend at her art opening. We are trying to come up with a name for our duo. Let me know if you have any ideas...Next: banjo and lessons.

3. Eat healthy and get moving. Shove vegetables and healthy grains into your system. This will counteract all of the chocolate and coffee. Dance or do something active. that one is obvious and not always easy but it truly helps.

4. Get spiritual.  There is nothing like the wisdom of Buddha, Thich Nhat Han,  Pema Chodron or the Toltecs to get you to see where you should send your energy.  Burning candles, yoga and baths can be rejuvinating.

5. Be gentle with yourself. Listen to the negative things you say to yourself, such as, "I will always be alone." or  "Something must be wrong with me.", "I have failed my children. I suck."or the absolute worst, "LOOK AT MY THIGHS, HOLY COW", etc... When you say those things you are just sending more negative energy to yourself. It is a form of punishment. Is it fair to punish yourself over and over for the same thing? NO.

6. Help someone else. Donate to a good cause. Spend some time with an elderly person who is lonely. Tutor someone. Babysit for a a friend who needs a night out with her husband. It will put things in perspective in a good way. Okay except for that last one. 

7. Wallow and then move on. Wallow and then move on. Repeat. Allow yourself time to cry. Have an ice pack ready in the morning so you can open your eyes. And then do something useful, like feeding your kids breakfast. Later, have a good cry again. and then do the dishes. Reward yourself with that accomplishment by having another good cry. And then get back to the real world again and kick  that lit. review in the arse.

8. Listen to something that makes you oh so happy.


Denise said...

That Memphis Shakedown does make me smile!! Wanted to tell you that you and Molly look so much alike in your Blog profile pic - never noticed the resemblance so strongly before - waiting to see the next ukelele performance!!

Maggie B said...

so gad i stumbled across this LIFELINE of a post. you are a soldier, kelly. i admire your strength immensely. xo

Kelita said...

xoxo to both of you

K8teebug said...

Thich Nhat Hanh has a new book coming out next week :)


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