Sunday, January 15, 2012

Meet my next Boyfriend.

Ah, James.  I knew you'd see the light eventually.

Just kidding. Unfortunately.

I am not going to date for awhile. I actually went on a few dates with a friend of  a friend recently. He was nice, smart, cute, etc. but with a new job I don't have time for it. And I don't have the emotional energy for it either.

So I am going to focus on teaching and mothering and yes, playing the mandolin. I don't have time for lessons but I will start this Spring or Summer. And before taking a few lessons I will treat myself to a lovely mandolin when I get my first paycheck. Nothing fancy but I have had my eye on a vintage resonator model at our local music shop for a few months now....This is not it but it might be close.    

1 comment:

Lauroral said...

Um, actually James McAvoy is MY boyfriend. (don't tell Jim)


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