Friday, August 22, 2008

home again, home again, jiggety jig

We were greeted by many overgrown weeds and giant zinnias and cosmos when we arrived.  And  few volunteer nasturtiums, thanks guys.

An overgrown bean vine ( Henry's from school) was climbing all over our gold currant tomatoes. The boys set to work quickly making me a "meal" out of beans, mint and pretzel rods that they had skillfully chopped up with a butter knife.

Henry and Ezra both had open houses for preschool and first grade on Friday. They both went very well. It is a bit early, but we seem to have been blessed with great teachers again. Henry's Ms. Michel gives off a serene, glowy and intelligent vibe. I asked Henry if she seemed sweet and he said "Yes, and she is very pretty too."  Ezra's teacher reminds me of Henry's last year, artsy, clever and motherly. The open houses were a success, both kids seem in good spirits about school. In between visits we learned of great nana's passing. Bittersweet. I had just seen her and felt sure, inside, that it was good bye. She was really suffering so I feel she is in a better place. Tonight we will tell Henry.

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