Friday, August 29, 2008

vampire love

How come nobody told me that Ritter comes with cornflakes????

So, eventually I will get it together and actually write something substantial but I am feeling overwhelmed, and not in a bad way,  but overwhelmed with the fullness of life right now. Both boys have started school successfully, which means different things for both of them. For H., it means that on his second day of school he got on the bus without hyperventilating, while clutching in his sweaty hand his room number (written on  scotch tape,  just in case he let go). For E. it means that he goes every morning to Walnut Grove and usually doesn't want to come home when Matty picks him up. Every morning after I kiss him I remind him to use the toilet, listen to his teachers and please share with his friends. He informs me that he will listen to his teachers and he will share the trucks but NOT the tractor. Oh well.  I don't feel quite ready to start teaching next week. I am really enjoying my mornings sans children. All of the domestic stuff seems under control, despite the fact that I am obsessed with Vampire -love right now. I have just finished book 2 of the Twilight series and I am hooked.  I am doing everything I can to not start book 3 because once I start I can hardly do anything else. Besides, the sooner I begin the sooner it will all be over. I know it is perhaps a bit pathetic but I will most likely be depressed for a few days when I have finished the series. Matt won't call me Bella and since I have decided he is more like  werewolf than a vampire, I have been calling him Jacob and he looks at me funny whenever I do that. He compares my ravenous reading to an addicts' love of heroin and he seems amused. The last three novels that had this effect on me were: The Time travelors Wife, Villette, and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. 

Have to go and do something that will take my mind off reading......

Happy Birthday Matty!!!

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