Sunday, May 10, 2009

notes from a birth/mother'sday...

The reversible Helen tote. Earth tones.
And vintage floral. Laura, do you recognize the "sample" pockets? 

1. Planted part of garden, finally.
2. Started and finished Helen's tote bag.
3. Caught Ezra eating part of mushed up cake ( Matt made a cake and it was a disaster so he went and bought one later).
4. Found that E and H had covered their faces with dinosaur "tattoos", using a stamp and ink pad, (Henry scrubbed his off). I ignored E.'s until too late. Oh well.
5. Went for a walk. 
6. Ate yummy grilled salmon, rice and garlicky greens for dinner.


Jen said...

Happy Mother's Day, Kelly!


Laura said...

I do recognize the pockets. Cool bag!


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