Friday, May 29, 2009

The Story in Images

Just starting out...

U.Mass. Boston Campus

heading towards the city

heading towards Jamaica Plain
And this is where my sister's camera stopped working for me. 

Basically, we walked into Milton and then Canton? And by then we were in country. I "slept" in a tent in the rain. I could barely walk. At that point, everyone was hobbling around. My tent-mate introduced me to some of her friends and invited me to join them the next day. Alleluiah! Seriously. By then I was lonely and sore, and I needed the company to make it. It really helped. 

During this walk, there were several times when I believed that I could go no further. After the first night I was certain that I would not walk at all the next day. But, I set out with everyone else. Then, I was sure I would only do a few miles, but I made it to lunchtime. Where I almost hopped on a bus. Somehow, I did all 39 miles. It was amazing. I amazed myself.

My sister Amy, met me at the finish line. She got us a cab and took me to a lush hotel in the financial district where I , under serious delusional, endorphine -crazed, duress, told our teenage mini-bar stocker, that "it's okay, you're so cute" when  he mistakenly walked into our room without knocking. As soon as the words came out, my face turned scarlet and I asked Amy if I had just said that out loud. Then I got into the enormous bathtub and stayed there. After a bath and a shower, A. and I, walked and limped, into the Northside for yummy pasta. Then at 7:00 pm, I passed out. 

I am so glad I did this. I hope to do it again in a few years and would love to have company. I would do it sooner if I did not have to raise so much money. Fundraising is hard. My parents shelled out a lot for me to do this. Thanks mom and dad! And thank you to everyone who was able to donate! And even those who weren't! I love you! And Rosie, I love you and I know you are out there, cheering me on every day. I feel it.  


Sarah said...

go Kelly! you rock!

Constantina said...

Give me a few years and a lot of advanced notice and I will walk with you.


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