Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our trip, in a nutshell...

Can ya tell that I like my salt shakers?

We had a wonderful time in NY. The boys and I went early enough so that I could visit with some special people, including Constantina and her husband Mark.
My friend Marianne, who I have known since we were four yrs. old, came with her family from Indianapolis (on the way to their annual trek to the Adk.s) and we had our annual barbecue and cocktail party. This year's menu included grilled salmon, grilled sweet potatoes and a big salad. Our cocktails were pomegranate liquer spritzers with lime and mint.
Laurie and I went to Dano's Heuriger, a fabulous Austrian restaurant on the Wine trail. We even gave the chef/owner a ride home.
The boys and I went to the lake 4 times and swam in the Otis's salt pool twice. All this swimming contributed to Henry swimming for the very first time in his life!!!!
I took a bath in the lake for the first time in a decade, there is something very special about washing with soap in the lake.
My childhood cat (Phoebe) died, she was sixteen and had a good life.
My mom and I got to do all of five minute of work on my latest quilt. Thanks for fixing my many mistakes, mama.
All of the Ferrari's came home. Cian and Imri enthralled their older boy cousins. They have fans for life now. Cian is like a wood elf. All arms and legs with big brown eyes and silky hair. His fingers and toes curl with excitement when he sees something interesting that he wants to touch. Henry can't wait for him to talk more and run around with him. Imri is half Cians age. Imri has a near-constant grin. Henry and Ezra were ecstatic when they were allowed to "hold" him.
Matty and I were given a tour of the new Ferrari abode by Mark, WHICH. IS. AMAZING. When pressed for words to describe what I think about it, I am speechless. Anyone wanna see me do an interpretive dance? No really. The Palatte is perfection; dark earthy black walnut, "white washed" walls, golden wood of ahem I can't remember the tree, blue gray tile floors, Other um wooden floors. The uh thing of cement that hangs of over the uh gorge with invisible support? Exquisite. Rustic/Earthy modern? Like I always say, I wanna live in the barn. And, I wish I had taken pictures.

The day before we left, we went to two parties. The first party was for the Lebanese side of Matt's family. Lots of great food; mishis, kibbeh (including"real" kibbeh made with raw lamb which I unknowingly ate a heaping mound of), hummos, and of course mahmouls. Henry ate everything but was most excited about the soda, of which I let him have two small cups.
The second party was Zachs bday party. Which translates for me as: Howard's homemade ice cream party. Of course all of the Friday night clan was there with the next generation of babies. I had the coffee ice cream with a side of chocolate chocolate chunk. And I got totally obliterated with a water balloon in the water balloon toss.

The next day we left for the Pioneer Valley pretty early. And got home in time to do a bit of work in our garden. Like picking a TON of beans, three summer squash and our first TOMATOES. There is nothing like getting STUFFED at dinner with fresh vegetables from your own garden. That certainly helped tame our post trip blues.
This weekend we are off to Cape Cod for some camping in Nickerson park. We had planned to go later but it turns out this weekend works best for us. Next weekend my mom visits and Matt and I take off for NYC to visit some friends and my cousin Rebecca (if you are around Reb?). and the following week is all about the Berkshires and the Carlisle FR. Hayes Pond Camp, here we come!!!!! So our summer is pretty wrapped up now.

Goes by fast. Yikes.

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