Monday, July 6, 2009

Wholepaycheck or Vortex of Delusions of Privilege

Today I went to Wholefoods. I rarely go there, I mean it. There are many reasons not to go there. The biggest is that as soon as I enter I begin to suffer from this strange malady. I begin to believe that I deserve organic cherries, smoked paprika, freshly ground and honey roasted cashew butter, healthy charcoal lighter fluid, organic cotton tee- shirts for my children, kefir made from local, well-fed and ruddy-cheeked peasants who milk their cows and goats themselves and drive fuel efficient cars. I begin to be seduced by the cheese counter and the handsome young boy with the mohawk and homemade shoes who can articulate the difference between a young smoked gouda and a 5 yr. My eyes glaze as I walk by the sweet smelling shampoos and creams. My mouth waters as I walk by the $ 15 a pound coffee. And then, I leave. I leave with my iron enriched vitamins that I buy for my son, who I fear has the same predisposition to anemia that I have. I leave after I take a deep breath and throw in the sunscreen that hopefully won't cause cancer as it protects my kids from the cancer causing rays of the sun. I leave after I buy a few items that I can't find anywhere else. That I can't find any cheaper. And yes, I buy the cherries and the smoked paprika. And then, I leave. And I don't feel angry as I walk by the people in 6 figure cars who have carts loaded down with things that, really everybody, should have access too. Because the are people too, and they have kids who deserve the best. And, because, my kids have healthy sunscreen, at least this month. And they have cherries today and I put smoked paprika on my rice and beans. And it was good.


Constantina said...

Catching up on blogs catch as catch can. Seriously feast or famine round these parts. But I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post. Because I KNOW. I am so, so glad there's not a Whole Foods here. Never do I feel so Dickensian as when I'm in a Whole Foods (as you capture so perfectly here)...

Kelita said...



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