Sunday, December 6, 2009

our classroom

Here are some photos of a special place where I spend a significant amount of time. I love our preschool. It is a school community that I am proud to be a part of. What I forgot to photograph was our beautiful atelier; our light-filled art studio that fosters our creative impulses with its bright windows and open shelves brimming with carefully displayed art supplies.

I also didn't include our tidy little kitchen, room 4 (currently empty of students due to low enrollment), our entryway where the children hang their coats and our yard.

At Renaissance, we are passionate about the Reggio method. We document the children while they work, we listen to them and follow their cues for themes and lesson plans and we focus on art, art, art.

The school is a community of equally important members; parents, students, instructors and the classroom are all teachers. Mutual respect and the knowledge that we all have something to teach each other are important elements of our program.

It is wonderful to work in a place where art and creativity are held in such high esteem.

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