Sunday, December 20, 2009

craft catch-up

I think if I had had two cups of coffee and was armed with ample duct tape I coulda been a contender in the helmet making arena. Alas, I only had masking tape and foil and Matty is careful to drink the rest of the pot after I have had my one cup of joe.
Espresso with cocoa and homemade marshmallows, essential for afternoon crafting.
Yesterday, while sipping the above beverage of the Gods, the boys and I made snowflakes using Martha's method of dissolving 3tbs of borax per 1 cup of water and then submerging some fuzzy pipe cleaner snowflakes in the solution for a few hours. We were surprised how quickly they crystallized. Every half hour or so the kids would peek at them to see if they had "grown".

I have been working on birds for a few weeks now. I am using the gorgeous wool samples that Laura gave me from her workplace. It is so much fun to work with high quality wool felt. I normally would have to settle for the cheap poly stuff. The colors of the wool are so subtle and gorgeous. Thanks Laura....


Sarah said...

so cute! I love that you made those ornaments with borax, I do that every year with my 8th graders (except this year cause I wasn't there!) and they love it just as much as well. It is very cute to see how excited they get even in the 8th grade to pull it out of the solution and see how much they have grown!
that espresso with marshmallows looks divine! yum!
happy holidays!

Laura L. said...

The birds are great! I too have gotten spoiled by all the lovely scraps. All I want around now is Silk velvet, wool felt, and fine English linen...what is the fabric equivalent of having champagne taste on a beer budget? Having taffeta taste on a burlap budget! ...maybe I will take up quilting...

Kelita said...

I absolutely have velvet and taffeta and raw silk taste on a burlap budget...That is hilarious!


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