Monday, December 21, 2009

feelin stitchy

This is my four yr. old. Not only has he been obsessed with dusting and wiping down the house constantly, he is also into embroidery. I was inspired by Red Bird Craft's post about embroidering with youngsters. Thanks again to Laura for the fabric samples. In lieu of embroidering cotton, we used a beautiful heavy duck in a lovely color. I drew a simple flower in pencil. Ezra picked some bright shades of floss and meticulously followed the lines I drew. Then he wrote his name in pencil and I meticulously followed his lines...OH, and yes those are shorts he is wearing. He wears shorts inside. With teeshirts. In the Winter. Because he is "cumfturble" that way. And we keep our thermostat at 60%. But as long as he puts pants on to go outside in December, I am not fightin it.

Now we are off to pack the car for an early morning trip. Finger Lakes, here we come!


Stephanie said...

That is BEYOND awesome that he like embroidery! amazing! Your going to have a crafty boy :)

Jibran Ahmed Khan said...

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FrenchEclair said...

Wow a 4yr old doing that. Little child with big talents. I love it when kids do creative things there is far too much tv & computer games. And i haven't even got children just nephews xx


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