Tuesday, July 22, 2008

fubar priorities

I just had to use that word/acronym... so retro nineties. 

What is worse, baggy pants that hang below your boxers or violent crime? 

Apparently, the new police chief in Flint, Michigan has ordered his officers to arrest anyone with exposed boxers.  He has a lovely policy, you get a warning for an exposed wasit band, disorderly conduct for pants below boxers and indecent exposure for the smallest amount of crack . I can't help but think this is ridiculous. Flint is infamous for it's crime, depressed economy etc. Shouldn't they be focusing their attentions elsewhere? 


Sarah said...

This is exactly how I feel about having to do things like catch kids chewing gum or wearing hats in class because they are not allowed at school, I just keep thinking "there are so many more important things I could be dealing with!"

The Constant C said...

Oh Flint, you are so sad.


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