Thursday, July 24, 2008

thursday morning in July

Dill for Dilly Beans! And regular pickles, of course.

Procreation and Japanese beetles. Is that all they can think about? 

Asian Noodle Salad

This is more of a list than a recipe. I made this for the MEN at the site yesterday and they liked it. It is my favorite dish at my favorite restaurant in Amherst, Fresh Side. Fresh Side offers inexpensive, mostly healthy Pan Asian cuisine. Sara eats there several times a week and it is the place we go when we have visitors or anything to celebrate. I knew the main ingredients but was intimidated by making the dressing so I emailed Stella, the owner and gushed ( luckily, I excel at gushing) about the food before begging for the dressing recipe.

wide noodles, such as fettucine
cabbage, slice into thin strips
crushed peanuts
strips of baked tofu ( Ithaca's Tofu Kan is really good) or for non-veg, try chicken/pork 

soy sauce
a large amt. minced, microplaned is best, fresh ginger 
rice vinegar, my favorite is Marukan

Toss together.
More is better.
If serving the next day be prepared to make more dressing.
Serve cold.



The Constant C said...

That sounds delicious. And fast.

Michaela said...

You always make me so hungry! Especially with all of this kim chi/pickle/dilly bean talk... The recipe you posted reminded me of a thai green papaya salad I made recently. My favorite thai restaurant here just put out a cookbook, and a few of the recipes are online. Here's the link:

I would recommend using fresh shrimp instead of dried ones... they're easier to find, and the dried ones have a funny texture I'm not a huge fan of.

Kelly Carlisle said...

Thank you so much for the recipes. I am all about the food. Sometimes I wish I wasn't!


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