Friday, July 18, 2008

the skirt

this red skirt is NOT my skirt..this is the skirt in the book I bought that has the pattern to make said skirt...
Here is my birthday skirt. I would have loved to find red jersey or even a few big red tees, alas I am using brown and blue (and red fabric paint) This is from the Alabama Stitch book. I love the projects in the book. Evereything is hand sewn and rustic/crafty style which I love.  Jersey is a bit of a pain to work with but I am learning. The smaller projects in the book can be made using teeshirts.
This panel wil be redone because I did not double the thread. Note that I left the ties on the outside. I love that. The stitches are supposed to be that big btw. Also, I really love the look of the reverse applique all the way up the panels but I sort of want to wait and sew the skirt together first. This is the kind of project that you can wear as a "work in progress". the binding at the top is fold over elastic. On my fave craft blogs they have been talking about "foe" a lot.It comes in many colors and is easy to use. 


Sarah said...

your skirt is gorgeous!

The Constant C said...

I love it! Do you know of any good baby sewing books? I'm having trouble finding anything that isn't too... how shall I say... bible belt ruffled or mini midwestern sweatpant (does that help illustrate?). Maybe you and Susan and I could write a hipster baby sewing book and secure ourselves a future?

Kelly Carlisle said...

I have two sewing books that have a few simple patterns/ideas in them. One of which I am planning on makin for baby Temelko Post. I would love to create a sewing book.. first I'd have to master the sewing part.I totally know what you mean about "bible belt ruffled and mini midwestern sweatpant"!!!!I am sure we can find some simple paterns that would be easy and pleasant to look at/wear.


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