Tuesday, January 20, 2009

my little soap box hero

Henry came home today so excited that he did not miss the whole innaguration. His school gathered in the auditorium to watch Obama's speech. I missed the speech, I was at work sans t.v, but Henry seemed to remember something about how the whole country can help Obama. Maybe this is something his teacher mentioned, I don't know. But Henry had some pretty firm ideas about what we could all do to help President Obama and "Advice"  President Biden. 

1. when our car dies, we can get an electric car.
2. we can ask everyone all over the world to stop making war.
3. we can ask everyone to stop building smokestacks.
4. we can use less water. 

Pretty good for a six year old boy. 

P.S in other news... Masterpiece Theatre's new Wuthering Heights is riveting. It is not too late to watch the first installment online and the sequel is this Sunday at 9. 

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