Wednesday, January 28, 2009

snow day again

I am not sure what to do when my photos get published backwards. It seems they get published in a completely random order. 

This is my morning coffee. I am waiting for the whole wheat apple bread to finish baking (no recipe, it's from a mix). I am hoping to finish...

a project that may use one of my circa fifties gold buttons.
I used a piece of felted wool and the largest of my Denyse Schmidt scraps (Flea Market Fancy and Katie Jump Rope) to make this little clutch/wallet. I have many tiny scraps that I don't know what to do with. I love them so much.  
Here are the scraps before I started sewing.
I wrote Denyse Schmidt a fan letter. I felt a little silly but thought she might appreciate knowing how much I love her designs. Obviously, she knows people love her fabrics, they usually sell out. Bu I thought she might enjoy getting a personal note, I know I would.

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april said...

lovin' those buttons!


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