Friday, January 16, 2009


I am knitting panel two of my "five year blanket" which is basically a series of panels, each panel composed of different colors.  I really love this color combo, it is fun to gaze a while I mindlessly knit away.

Here is what I was painting today while my children ran around screaming (too cold to play outside), while Matt hitched a ride to the mechanics with AAA to get a new ignition component installed and while I burned the darn pumpkin/ginger/chocolate chip biscotti which is by no means a decent stand -in for chocolate chip cookies (especially when burned). Bummer. 
They are sisters with wonky eyes.

This is my favorite sister. We shall call her Martha. I admire her because she has balls enough to wear mustard, which I wish I could get away with. She is oft overlooked by gentlemen callers because her younger sister (Edwina) has a better figure, even though she is much duller. The older sister loves to read novels. She has a bit of a lumpy face but a sharp wit.

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Jen said...

Beautiful paintings, Kelly! There is something so fresh and fun about the people you create... so awesome. :o)

Love your knitting too. I just learned and it is soooo much fun. Can't wait to see how your 5 year blanket turns out!



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