Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BLT = alternate remedy for meloncholia

Reasons for feeling blue

twisted ankle and fell into shrubbery today

feeling itchy from falling into shrubbery

too lazy/tired to take shower to ease itchiness

need another book to read

have paperwork to do

Ezra is refusing to get in water at swim lessons

sat in puddle at swim lessons today

Henry feels bad about not being very good at soccer which is not helped by all of the machismo boys who live in our hood

terrified of school

terrified that I won't be able to read as much fiction once I enter school


It is BLT season and these are our own tomatoes!!

P.S For those of you who do not eat bacon....use baked cheddar for a similar experience without the luscious dead pig. The health food deli I used to cook for called this a f(fake) blt. Slice cheddar, place it on parchment paper-lined pan, bake at 350 until dark orange in color, peel off paper asap. et voila. yum.

This kinda reminds me of a spread that Marianne would put together on True Blood....

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