Monday, August 31, 2009

Someone is four

facts about Ezra

His favorite pie is chocolate cake
Hot peppers and peaches helped him form in the womb
He is a leftie and has a beauty mark at the base of his left thumb like his leftie auntie Mamy.
He was born in Appalachian Ohio.
He often gets stuck in places that he can't get out of on his own. Like yesterday when we found him perched on his windowsill with tears in his eyes.
He has a serious sweet tooth which often gets him into mischief involving stolen cupcakes and empty mason jars that used to contain your neighbor's uncle's maple syrup from Vermont.
He likes little things and never slept with a stuffy but loves to fall asleep with small books.
He recently discovered that he adores babies and will grin and hold them with extreme tenderness.
He has brown eyes and we still haven't figured that out exactly, even the milkman has blue eyes.
He is very mechanical and has been known to dismantle the screen door, and anything else that is nailed or screwed down.
We love him to pieces.

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Nana Deb said...

Oh My! The tears are flowin'! Happy Birthday Sweet Ezra! We love every little bit of you!


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