Tuesday, August 18, 2009

my brekky

Just as I was thinking that I was a great mom for making Ez. blueberry (homemade) kefir pancake*s, Letha knocks on my door with these steaming hot fried plantains. Have I mentioned that I love fried plantains? Apparently, I love them for breakfast too.

I have been watching Letha's kids for a few hours a day the past week and a half. Keel mostly does his own thing, he's 6. Kora is 9 months old and she is a sweet little thing. And I absolutely do not want any more kids. But, I love doing her hair. And, I love kissing her giggly cheeks. And I love handing her over to her folks when they are back....

*Ezra has just this morning decided that he does not like blueberry pancakes with soggy blueberries. This was not the pleasant breakfast discussion I was hoping for. Trying to convince him of the inevitability of blueberry sogginess when they are cooked in a pancake was futile. Finally he decided that he would have a pancake with blueberries on top. And now he is brandishing a butter knife.

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AmyC said...

Oh, how you crack me up, sis! Ezra brandishing a butter knife . . . just a little bit scary.


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