Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello 2010! You are so sci-fi.

Holiday Rundown

What I ate too much of:

Sponge candy from Olivers in Batavia. A family tradition. Aunt Morene and Uncle David send us boxes of this every year...It is unbelievably delicious. I am pretty sure that crack is one of the main ingredients.

What I read:

The first two books became my appendages for a few days. The last book I am still reading. I highly recommend all three. The image size is not a reflection of how engrossing the books were...

Other notable books we received...

Amy gave me this to feed my passion for Virginia Lee Burton, a remarkable woman and artist.

This exquisite book had the kids mesmerized. I appreciate the section on War Maidens... I see a lot of tracing paper in our future...

This is a classic book about Santa claus written by L. Frank Baum. The illustrations are gorgeous.

Bats at the Library and Bats at the Beach, both Harcourt books from Amy, are sure to be favorites. The illustrations are so warm and sweet. I love that the stories are written in verse. Perfect for a new reader.

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