Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What I love about today and other quotidian ramblings

The laundry lines make me want to run outside and see if I can slide my hands along and scrape them clean of snow.
Chocolate, grapefruit and espresso. For some this may spell heartburn. For me this spells heaven.

It's a snow day. The snow is wet and thick. H. and E.'s snow gear is dripping on the drying rack by the heater. When they came in from outside, I kidded with them that they hadn't gotten permission to go swimming. They were soaked!

I love how the snow makes the whole apt. a bit brighter.

I have a little time to get a jump start on a paper due next week.

I may even read a bit of a novel that has nothing to do with school. But probably not.

I am starting a new health regimen. I still walk to work every day and walk to class and walk all weekend but I need to step it up a bit if I am going to keep up with my chocolate habit (as if that will ever be questioned) so...My friend who is a marathon runner recommended this site and with my new pair of sneakers and Matty making/helping me to me lift weights, maybe I will get a bit more fit.

If only weight lifting would lengthen my legs. I love retro suits like this one below, (on sale at J Shrew) but it doesn't do much for my German/Scotch farmer gams.

And now to write a paper...

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