Sunday, February 7, 2010

When You're Lost in the Rain in Jaurez OR Bingley, the Rooster

This is a detail of Bingley, a new rooster painting. Bingley is so called because my roosters will have the names of my favorite male characters from literature and my hens will have names like Marguerite Blakeney and Lizzie Bennet. Yes, I am a corset geek. And I have to paint chickens until I have REAL chickens.

The title is part of the first line to my favorite song. AND I may not have even gotten it right. Bob Dylan. The song that I listen to when I am feeling blue. Which is mostly due to the overwhelming amount of reading. And the overwhelming amount of WINTER. So I decided to paint today, cause that is one thing that almost always makes me feel better. It is not done but here is a detail. A Leghorn rooster, the background is a very matte, almost-black and the rooster is a bit shiny, which is sort of fun. I love chickens.

While it dries, I read. AND read some more. And break up fights between my kids. And make tea. ANd I am boring myself.


Jennifer said...

Kelly, that is just spectacular! Love how you can manipulate paint like that- I'm so jealous!


molly said...

I want to see more of it sis. the detail is lovely.....i miss you.

molly said...

I love it. I want to see the whole thing. I miss you

p.s."Just like Tom Thumbs Blues" is the name of the song you like. xo

Kelita said...

Hey LITTLE sis. I knew the title of the song, I just like to be mysterious.

Thanks for the comments. I miss you too. I will show more if/when I get back to it. I messed up his annoying feet and am now trying to think of a way to cover the bottom of the painting with flowers maybe? ALas, I won't get to paint for a few days. Life is too bus mid week and I have a fracking cold.


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