Monday, June 21, 2010

at the farm today

Some of my poppies.
Henry soars.
Yi Yi Loves the farm tire swing.
Ez found some plantain and put it on his freshly skinned knee, no joke.

Curt, the boys and I went to our farm, Simple Gifts CSA, with Yi Yi (Julia), a young girl who will be joining us in the mornings this summer. I am helping her out with English before she starts Kindergarten in the Fall and I get paid a bit for it, but I would probably do it for free. I adore her. Mostly we will be playing but I am trying to incorporate some fun local activities, visits to the farm, the campus duck pond, the swimming hole, the rec. center, libraries etc.

Today was hot but we cooled down at the farm with homemade farm popsicles and a breezy swing.

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