Wednesday, June 16, 2010

h o m e

Summer thus far, has been a mix of reading fiction, visiting our CSA farm for veggies and for hanging with the pigs and riding the tire swing, visting with friends, soccer soccer soccer (EVERY DAY), grilling, and a little bit of school work for me. Yesterday we went to Puffers Pond for the second time this season. Sometimes I cannot believe that a place so perfect is a bike ride away. Beautiful crystal clear water surrounded by trees. A cozy pond.

The Pioneer valley has lots of spots like this, and mountains. AND so many trees. I love the geography of this place.

I love it here.

There are times when I am torn. I love the Finger Lakes too. AND there are lots of people there who are dear to me.

But really, this place has become our home.

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JCB said...

that's why we'll build the dream here, kel!


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