Saturday, June 12, 2010

dinner tonight- scallion crepes with dipping sauce and a huuge salad

june 6 globe magazine cover

Ez and I went to my friend Lissa's yesterday to have lunch and play and it was such fun. Lissa is a fabulous cook, she catered with Martha Stewart in her youth and she once took a class in Paris at the Cordon Bleu. She and I dream of opening up a little stand at the new North Amherst farmer's Market one day. We had a great day, playing in the garden, talking about herbs (I am using a new herb book to teach myself a little bit). I even made her a poutice with some plantain for her poison ivy. For lunch, we had these fabulous scallion crepes with a scrumptious dipping sauce. These are much better than my scallion pancakes. The recipe is here.

We just picked up our first Simple Gifts Farm CSA share today. Garlic scapes, chard, spinach, salad, turnips, bok choy....yum

unfortunately blogger is acting up and I can't seem to download my own photos. I have some great ones from our visit yesterday....

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