Saturday, June 26, 2010

Molly's Birthday Bash

Molly, Noah, Nicole, Kim and Jackson joined us for Molly's Birthday Picnic. There were ukeleles, guitars, a huge chop salad, BBQ chicken, grilled flank steak, strawberries, coconut cake, yummy beer and mojitos. There were dirty kids running around, giggles and general merry-making.
Coconut cake courtesy of Kelly by way of Paula Deen, but with Lemon curd and a dusting of coconut in lieu of seven minute frosting
Letha's Magnificent Chicken, Kim's amazing Mojitos

Three skinny and filthy pairs of Legs, THIS is Summer.
For a few years now we have had the pleasure of sharing this crazy life with some fabulous neighbors. Ours is a transient neighborhood but Nigel, Letha and their two little ones have stayed put in the E section, since we moved in. So we have been smelling their perfectly delectable barbecue chicken at least once weekly for nearly 4 years. That is right folks, I don't know if all Jamaicans take their chicken this seriously, but our neighbors do. Sometimes, they hand us a hot, foil package of the mouthwatering stuff. Sometimes we sit miserably in our tiny kitchen nibbling on our meager dinner of rice and beans and Kale. Boo Hoo. But Letha is a generous soul and has taken it upon herself to teach me how to make this barbecue and finally after much practice and for Molly's birthday dinner, I got it right. Henry congratulated me. Ezra ate it up. It suffered no ill comparison to Letha's. In fact, Letha's own son said it tasted just like hers and Letha agreed. I have graduated. The only problem is that there is no measuring. And one of the ingredients is hard to find (browning/burnt sugar anyone?If you spot it perhaps in a West Indies Grocer, get me a bottle, hint City Dweller-Amy). So bare with me. But here is a promise. If you want some of this chicken and I am in your neck of the woods this Summer, I will gladly make some for you. It is that good.

The Chicken. Not even sure if I should attempt to post a recipe. Maybe I will come back later and do that?

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