Monday, August 30, 2010

The Office nook

One of my goals this summer was to carve out a homework space for H. So, after moving their bedroom around 3, yes 3 times. This is it. He has a little desk nook.
Thanks to IKEA, Target and some repurposing, it hardly cost anything. And he feels really good about it. Of course, Ez had to get in on the action, though I hope he doesn't have any homework in kdg. Both boys picked out a plant or two. I gave each of them a little glazed pot to put tools in. They each got a new ruler, and some fresh pencils. Hen picked out a little lamp and Ez is using the old one.

Yesterday ( a few days before he officially turns 5) we had a birthday bash for Ez.
Vanilla cake with Penuche frosting.
Friends and their families.
Sweaty candy necklaces.

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