Sunday, January 9, 2011


One of my goals, yeah right, over break was to knit a cowl. I bought some beautifully variegated emerald green yarn and knit what is more like a snood. It is soft and pretty but it is not at all what I originally wanted to knit. I did it rather quickly. Below is what I originally wanted and still want. But now I can't really validate buying more expensive yarn and school is about to begin. So the end of my wealth of extra time is nigh. Whine whine.

Below is the exquisite Herringbone Cowl at purl bee which I discovered on Poppy talk, fast becoming one of my favorite blogs, which means not so much since I heart a dozen blogs...oh well.

I think one of the things I need to work on is being patient and focusing on achieving what I really want without taking shortcuts because I inevitably regret them.

I am starting a new book. That is something I have time for. And it is not Winter's Bone, I can't handle that much melancholy right now. I am reading Amy and Isabelle- Elizabeth Strout. Which I certainly hope is less melancholy. I will let you know. Maggie B. loved it and she has wonderful taste in literature. And Elizabeth Strout wrote the Pulitzer winning Olive Kitteredge, which I loved.

Can you tell I am feeling blue? Lately that has been my default emotion. But to cheer me up, and you too should you need it.... Masterpiece Theatre has a brand new miniseries premiering this very evening!!!! Downtown Abbey

It has gotten some good reviews and should be very helpful to me on the next few cold Sunday evenings. Oh and just in case you don't have television, this is something you can watch online on the Masterpiece website, how utterly convenient (said with a British accent of course).


Denise said...

I was excited to come across Downton Abbey this evening - missed the first minutes - I plan on watching the remaining episodes. Good luck with school this semester and I look forward to hearing more of your singing and playing!!!

Kelita said...

THanks AUnt Denise! I really enjoyed the first installment last night. I am excited! And remember you can catch it online if you miss anything.

Maggie B said...

you will love amy and isabelle. it will tug on your heart strings a bit, but worry not. a character named fat bev will come to the rescue with comic relief of the flatulent variety. also the writing is just so elegant (you know how e. strout roles). makes any strife you endure while reading totally worthwhile. thanks for the shoutout. miss you much <3

p.s. i second what denise said about your singing and playing. keep it coming!


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