Thursday, January 13, 2011

Logic out the Window or Molasses Chocolate Chip Cookies

Some people approach the holidays with caution, telling themselves that they are going to limit the number of sweets they eat, keep active, fill up on salads and water before every meal. Some day, I may treat holidays like this but I am not ready for that yet. I generally do the opposite. Weeks before the holidays I start dreaming of the number of cocktails and glasses of wine I will consume. I revel in the anticipation of eating cutouts decked out in frosting, thick molassesy slabs of sponge candy drenched in fine chocolate, gooey wedges of my neighbors boozy rum-soaked cake, sticky sweet pecan pie and coffee with cream. And I plan on sitting and reading. Drinking vino, eating and sitting. Because before the holidays comes stress of being in grad school, of teaching, of having two active boys and living in a sardine can and general life stress.  So it is my gift to myself, to let go. And it is why now my middle feels like a tub of jello. Also my gym closed but that is another story.

 So yesterday I baked cookies.

Because moms bake on snow days. That is one of my rules. It just is. Sorry. FYI, they also go out in their own snow pants for about an hour, if they want to. And maybe they watch part of a BBC adaptation and knit. 

THE COOKIES from Joy the Baker. She is hilarious. Read her blog. It cracks me up. 
Curt made these over the break but his were even better than mine. And mine were really good. He doesn't know just what he did differently but he adapted it a bit. Which frustrates me and also is a relief. For my waistline.

My children played outside nearly ALL DAY. The rule is they have to come in once it is dark. They still have all of their fingers and toes. But their cheeks were numb for a bit. 
 Ez is still mucho cheek so his face wasn't working well for a bit.

H. looked like a Yeti.

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