Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No Words

Yesterday, something unspeakable happened just blocks from my house to a child that could have been mine. I know these things happen every day but when they happen to people nearby there is something so eery and painful about it. Yesterday morning a two yr. old was struck by a school bus  while waiting with his 5 yr. old sibling at a bus stop. He just ran out after his sister and the mother was unable to stop the bus driver who had already started driving. It is not something I really wanted to put into words. And yet, I can't stop thinking about it. I could barely sleep last night thinking of the mother and her pain and agony. Yesterday was an anxious blend of phone calls, worried parents and tight hugs. The accident was followed by a district wide phone message that left may people concerned for their own children's sakes. The fact that I teach at a preschool so near the incident  meant that many parents called us to make sure that it was not their own child. Our own friend who teaches nearby called to make sure my kids were safe.  My thoughts and prayers are with the family of little Abrahim and the bus driver who has worked for the district for many years and must be in some kind of personal hell right now. 

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The Constant C said...

I'm totally in tears... sniff.


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