Friday, December 12, 2008

first snow day...woot woot!

Unfortunately my mix tape seems to be skipping.  So head on over to Pandora radio. And go right to swinging holiday tunes if you want Ella, Frank, Eartha, The Andrews sisters and Dean like I do. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I have a long to do list that will not get much shorter today due to the snow/ice day. 

buy and soak dried fruit for  jamaican christmas cake (Letha is giving me a baking lesson)
make cashew brittle and peppermint marshmallows for 9 (yes, 9) teachers, therapists and bus drivers
sew and finish sewing mysterious somethings
decorate wrapping paper with kids, found a great method using the bottom of celery to make mini roses
Help the boys wrap their teachers' and grandparents' homemade presents and ornaments
print out and mail holiday postcards

Will I get anything done? Will I get it all done? 

The boys have cleaned their room and are waiting to have play dates with friends. Somehow, for my kids 4 is easier than 2, louder but easier.

Have a great Friday. And hello again to those beautiful new boys Imri and Arlo. The baby waiting is over for now! 


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