Saturday, December 20, 2008


Some paintings, almost done. 

Some snowing, sledding and fort building, more to come.

vegan, whole wheat and maple sweetened gingerbread cookies that my kids loove. Two batches almost gone...recipe here

Home sweet home soon!


Jen said...

Hi Kelly,

I LOVE your paintings... they are beautiful... you are really good at birds! My parents asked me to do a Great Blue Heron for their living room, and it is giving me a major headache ROFL.

Those vegan cookies.... mmmmmmmmm....

You and your family have a spectacular Christmas! :o)


Kelly Carlisle said...

Thanks Jen, I don't take the paintings too seriously but it is still fun for me. You have major talent though and it means a lot to hear any praise from you! I hope you and yours have a fantastic Christmas too.



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